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Image by Alexandr Bormotin

Capturing Diversity

Halifax Wedding and Portrait Photographer Serving The East Coast and beyond.


Jermaine Addo

Hi, I'm

A portrait/wedding photographer based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I am a proud scrabble player, wannabe nat geo wild explorer and some may say a connoisseur of fine wine that’s if you count the ten moscato’s in my collection. After being the designated family photographer as a kid, I earned my first rebel camera from my uncle and slowly realized that telling stories with pictures was fun and I tried to photograph everything I could find.  Looking back at some of those photos and defining my work over the years I see myself as a creative illusionist who uses lights and strobes to convey stories.

Memories play a vital part in our lives; they showcase an individual’s journey, but time makes those memories fade which is why at

Mfonirii we aim to capture and preserve these memories, so they last a lifetime.


Our Mission

At Mfonirii, our mission is to capture each individuals memorable event in the most visually captivating and vividly appeasing way. Our approach to photography is more documentary and Story Telling. We consider our style to be clean, vibrant, modern and artsy

Our ambition is driven by our determination to keep our clients satisfied every step of the way. 

"I begin with an idea then it becomes something else"

Pablo Picasso

Quotes That Guide Us

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